Tonnes of edible food are being wasted on farms

This is due to supermarket imposed cosmetic standards, and other unfair practices

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An Introduction to Gleaning

By  •  2 years ago

The Gleaning Network, part of Feedback Global, is just one of the great initiatives documented for the Food Is project. The video shows work from 3 gleaning sessions – where on each occasion a dedicated team of volunteers came together to glean around 2-2.5 tonnes of fruit or veg.
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Around a third of the food we produce globally is not being eaten

The reasons vary from region to region, but includes poor storage and cosmetic standards

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The Pig Idea: Behind the Scenes

By  •  3 years ago

The first time I came across The Pig Idea was when they were serving up the pork they had produced, and were attempting to feed 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London.

It’s a great initiative that deserves a lot more attention and support in its attempts to lift an EU ban on feeding catering waste and swill to pigs.
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