Food Is… started off as a documentary photography project by Chris King, initiated by a desire to raise awareness about the many and varied solutions to food waste which are currently being implemented, and which if supported and nurtured, could do so much more to reduce the amount of food that goes to waste.

After exploring the issue for over a year, it was decided that the site should become more than just a photographic project – that it needed to engage with a wider audience, and so it’s become about sharing information, experiences, profiles of organisations doing great things, and much more.

It has also become less about the work and experiences of one person, and instead become a platform for a collective voice, with people from organisations whose work is in some way connected to food waste invited to write guest posts and share information, facts and figures about the work they are doing. The hope is that the site will become a resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about food waste, and what they can do to help address it, while at the same time raising awareness about the great work that so many people and organisations are doing to address the root causes of food waste and its resulting impact on other issues.

A photographic and multimedia element still remains, and in many respects underpins everything else on the site. A decision to maintain a photo diary for example – the Eye Witness section of the site, exists to give people a firsthand account of the work being done to address food waste, and rather than building up a body of work over time and not sharing it until the body of work is complete, to then exhibit it or publish it, the journey and exploration of the subject is shared with people throughout the livfe of the project – primarily because there needs to be a dialogue about food waste now – the problems discuss, solutions devised, and action taken.

It’s hoped that Food Is… project will play a small part in helping to engage people and motivating them to take action – be it by volunteering for an organisation or being more conscious of the food they waste as individuals, and proactively try to reduce it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and view the contents of my site – I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it inspires you to take action.

Take care,


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