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Introducing OLIO – The Food Sharing Revolution?

I’m Saasha, co-founder of OLIO, The Food Sharing Revolution. My business partner is Tessa, and together we are launching OLIO, a mobile app which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses to exchange their edible surplus food....

Dinner Exchange East – Catering for Plan Zheroes

In a recent Telegraph article exploring the habits of those who seek out discounted food in supermarkets, and the financial benefits of doing so, there was a poll asking readers ‘Would you eat food after the ‘Best Before’ date had passed’. The results of which indicated that 16% of 12,000+...

The Dragon Cafe and Borough Market

One of the great things about exploring a project such as this is that you learn a lot that you otherwise may not have been exposed to, and meet great people doing great things....