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Introducing OLIO – The Food Sharing Revolution?

I’m Saasha, co-founder of OLIO, The Food Sharing Revolution. My business partner is Tessa, and together we are launching OLIO, a mobile app which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses to exchange their edible surplus food....

An Introduction to Gleaning

The Gleaning Network, part of Feedback Global, is just one of the great initiatives documented for the Food Is project. The video shows work from 3 gleaning sessions - where on each occasion a dedicated team of volunteers came together to glean around 2-2.5 tonnes of fruit or veg....

An Introduction to Dinner Exchange East

Dinner Exchange East is one of the organisations I have been documenting, and they do an amazing job of converting food that would otherwise go to waste into healthy and nutritious delights! This video is made up of images taken in the run-up and during a big event they were catering...

The Gleaning Network – Saving more apples from being wasted!

With 20-40% of food produced on farms not actually fulfilling its destiny – being left to rot into the ground or on the trees upon which it was grown, rather than consumed by us humans, it raises real concerns about the sustainability and the impact of such a flawed system....

Dinner Exchange East – Catering for Plan Zheroes

In a recent Telegraph article exploring the habits of those who seek out discounted food in supermarkets, and the financial benefits of doing so, there was a poll asking readers ‘Would you eat food after the ‘Best Before’ date had passed’. The results of which indicated that 16% of 12,000+...

The Gleaning Network: Reducing Food Waste on UK Farms

We are all conscious on some level of the amount of food we waste – edible or otherwise, within our own home, and aware that there is avoidable food waste generated by supermarkets and the wider, urban-based commercial, catering and hospitality sectors. But what about on the farms?...

The Dragon Cafe and Borough Market

One of the great things about exploring a project such as this is that you learn a lot that you otherwise may not have been exposed to, and meet great people doing great things....

Reduce, Redistribute, then Recycle

At retail level alone, it is estimated that over 400,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food go to waste each year. Meanwhile 4 million people in the UK are affected by food poverty and over 500,000 people are reliant on emergency food provision.

Food waste has a huge environmental impact: if we stopped wasting food in the UK it would be the CO2 equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road. Because of this our first aim should be to minimize the amount of food being wasted as much as possible and progress is definitely being made here: from innovative packaging to more intelligent systems for predicting how certain items will sell.

FoodCycle: Cafe Food Delivery

This shoot was intended to capture what goes on after Sian and the volunteers she has helping her - often just Konstantina, have completed their tour of the New Spitalfields Market, collecting food from vendors that would otherwise go to waste....