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Chris King Photography - Winnow - The Breakfast Club
The consumer mind-set is changing

Now is the ideal time to invest in cutting food waste for the hospitality sector. Food waste is an issue of growing concern and consumers are demanding a more sustainable offer from the hospitality sector. With such healthy returns to be had from relatively modest capital expenditure, there has never been...

Food Waste in the UK - DOcumentary Photography by Chris King
Who is responsible for household food waste?

The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Households. Individuals. Consumers. 42% of food waste in the EU can be attributed to consumers. That’s a lot of bad choices. Choices to buy too much stuff. To stick a pizza in the oven rather than do something with those left overs. Choices...

The Gleaning Network – Saving more apples from being wasted!

With 20-40% of food produced on farms not actually fulfilling its destiny – being left to rot into the ground or on the trees upon which it was grown, rather than consumed by us humans, it raises real concerns about the sustainability and the impact of such a flawed system....

Brigida Marovelli – Dinner Exchange East

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The Gleaning Network: Reducing Food Waste on UK Farms

We are all conscious on some level of the amount of food we waste – edible or otherwise, within our own home, and aware that there is avoidable food waste generated by supermarkets and the wider, urban-based commercial, catering and hospitality sectors. But what about on the farms?...

The Pig Idea: Behind the Scenes

The first time I came across The Pig Idea was when they were serving up the pork they had produced, and were attempting to feed 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London. It’s a great initiative that deserves a lot more attention and support in its attempts to...

Let Love Grow

Sustaining, evocative and endlessly diverse, food is the most familiar and universal medium. It can make us feel secure and loved, tie us to places and to people, and the way and what we feed ourselves reveal much about us. Writers have said the way to accurately and succinctly portray a character is to describe how he or she eats.