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Chris King Photography - Winnow - The Breakfast Club
The consumer mind-set is changing

Now is the ideal time to invest in cutting food waste for the hospitality sector. Food waste is an issue of growing concern and consumers are demanding a more sustainable offer from the hospitality sector. With such healthy returns to be had from relatively modest capital expenditure, there has never been...

Winnow: The Breakfast Club and Table Cafe

The UK Food and Hospitality Sector wastes 1.3 billion meals annually. According to WRAP, the Waste and Resource Action Programme, that’s one in every six meals. Imagine throwing away one square meal a day– every other day. Aside from the detrimental environmental and ethical implications, the monetary repercussions for the food...

Winnow: Product Build

This was an impromptu shoot of Marc, Kevin and the Winnow Solutions team - a company which has created a piece of technology that helps restaurants reduce food waste, and save a significant amount of money in the process.